They get many hundred responses, many of which are eloquent, intriguing, or downright wacky. The questions under were inspired by submissions from UChicago students and alumni.

Choose a single of the next prompts and respond in a greatest of two webpages. Essay Alternative 1. Was it a cat I noticed? Yo-no-na-ka, ho-ka-ho-ka na-no-yo (Japanese for “the globe is a heat place”). Może jutro ta dama da tortu jeżom (Polish for “maybe tomorrow that lady will give a cake to the hedgehogs”).

Share a palindrome in any language, and give it a backstory. – Encouraged by Leah Beach, Course of 2026, Lib Gray SB ’12, and Agnes Mazur AB ‘09.

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A palindrome is **“**a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the exact same backward as forwards. ” Here is a list of palindromes you can refer to spark some suggestions. The function of this prompt is for the admission officers to see how imaginative you can be . The palindrome you inevitably select and give a backstory to will illustrate your personality, cultural encounters, and creativeness in a way that your tutorial grades or your CV are unable to do.

Ideally, you should make your story as first and assumed-provoking as attainable and url the tale to yourself or your ideas or thoughts. For illustration, if you pick out the palindrome “Eva, can I stab bats in a cave?” , you could want to imagine of a story of how humans and animals interact. It is achievable to url this to the present-day COVID-19 pandemic, where there are theories that wildlife trade and animals this sort of as bats are the resources of the coronavirus.

You can then introduce your feelings/ thoughts on the make any difference. Of study course, this is just one particular way to do this — there is no mistaken way for each se as long as your solution is partaking, persuasive, and can display specific traits about you (e. g. , being intellectually curious).

If you wish to make this a lot more private, you can introduce other aspects of yourself by the tale, this sort of as your interests, hobbies, or jobs. Essay Selection two.

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  • Are you able to generate a example of highly effective essays from many different disciplines?

What guidance would a knowledge tooth have? —Encouraged by Melody Dias, Course of 2025. Again, the admission officers are seeking to test if you can believe outdoors the box and justify your answer to the most effective of your skill. As long as you can explain your reply, you’re on the proper track, supplied that the admission officers are not seeking for a distinct response but a logical explanation that can demonstrate your values and character to them. One way to technique this dilemma is to interpret it virtually , in that your wisdom tooth was likely plucked out right before faculty, and the practical experience was perhaps painful.

Consequently, what suggestions would your then wisdom tooth have given to your previous self when going through painful ordeals?Another way to approach this query is to interpret it figuratively , in that a knowledge tooth represents out of date gatherings, provided that the knowledge tooth finally will become obsolete just after becoming plucked out. Hence, what suggestions can a knowledge tooth give to other issues/people today who seemingly have come to be out of date?In your essay, it is vital to set out how you interpret this query and then go ahead and give your respond to and explain it in a way that reveals admission officers that you are able of reasoning and analytical imagining. Essay Selection three. You are on an expedition to find a Mars colony when a group of Martians abruptly emerges from a close by crater. They feel keen to communicate, but they’re impatient and desire you stand for the human race in one song, graphic, memory, proof, or another plan. What do you share with them to display that humanity is worth their time? —Influenced by Alexander Hastings, Course of 2023, and Olivia Okun-Dubitsky, Course of 2026.